Employment Opportunities

Current Job Openings

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We also have NZ employers seeking staff for the following positions:

  • Structural Engineers
  • Civil Engineers – long term objective for the right person that they will have opportunities for Shareholding and running the company in 2-5 years
  • Osteopath
  • Tool Makers
  • Fitters & Turners
  • Metal Machinist

Many of the immigration approaches to gain a short or long term stay in New Zealand require that you have a job offer.

We provide the service starting with our immigration assessment.  To complete our assessment form click here.  Once we identify through our screening process what opportunities exist for you, we would offer our job search service and immigration.  We do not offer the job search without  undertaking your immigration, if you do have the possibility of working in New Zealand.

The advantages of our process:

  • We advise on any necessary changes to your CV to meet the NZ market.
  • We only identify jobs relevant to your qualification and background that would meet immigration requirements.
  • If you are overseas, we will source employers who are prepared to interview you, as it is unlikely you would secure a position unless the employer meets you.
  • Interviews are coordinated to make your NZ visit worthwhile.
  • If you are in NZ we find and coordinate the appointments for you.
  • Preparing you for the interviews is another important service we undertake.
  • On securing a position we lodge your immigration requirements.

Let us help you,  send your CV to us along with the completed Immigration assessment form