For over 20 years, Woburn International has helped organisations and individuals to cross national borders.For over 20 years Woburn International has helped organisations and individual to cross national borders

Woburn identifies with their clients the short and long term goals of the relocation. Planning is the key aspect, along with establishing an action plan to work through the goals and achieve the results.

Woburn prepares and submits for non-New Zealanders and Kiwi’s the best possible applications to meet objectives of applicants for visas, permits, residence etc.  So far we have helped over 1700 people from NZ into more than 74 countries and 6400 into New Zealand.

Globally we work through our highly skilled strategic partners, which does include legal professions ie. Attorneys/lawyers/solicitors etc. We can make the optimum submissions directly to almost any country in the world.  We reduce the risk and minimise the delays and costs for you, by ensuring applicants submit all the necessary documents and that their applications are written in the most advantageous (but always honest) way.

Woburn has the highest success rate, and we are proud of our record and quality. We will not submit applications on your behalf, unless we are confident of success.    As a result, both individual and employer customs world-wide refer us to others.

Our service is supportive, professional and strictly confidential.

We maintain an awareness of the changes in migration laws and practices of overseas Immigration Departments.  This ensures you or your employee’s applications will be correct.

Laws relating to migration are confusing and hard to interpret, especially for multiple foreign countries.  Our applications on your behalf and professionally prepared by qualified experts to maximise success, minimise the time spent by your assignees/transferrees and Human Resource staff.

We can save your firm time, money and distraction. We can lower the risk that applications will fail. To learn how, just email or phone us or just ask a question