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If your firm has an incomplete, incorrect, or outdated International Policy, or none at all, it faces a significant increased risk of project under-performance and failure:
  • Without an International Policy, the dangers of recreating on each occasion new practices is dangerous, not cost effective and creates disharmony amongst the Overseas assignees.
  • Without an acceptable International Policy, various NZ and overseas government grants and services are not available to your firm.
  • Without clear objectives and specific measurements of progress/success, International projects can detour without proper consideration and/or drain resources without approaching an acceptable return – all without early detection.
  • Without international-specific criteria for staff selection: Personnel who are technically excellent but poorly-suited to social isolation, cultural differences, foreign languages, alien living standards, family separation, etc. can harm projects by being ineffectual and/or pushed beyond their coping limits.
  • Without international-specific training and assistance systems for staff (and possibly family): Even people carefully selected for their high international-assignment potential can harm projects by performing well below their abilities, or failing in their duties.
  • Without International remuneration (pay package) policies that consider dual taxation, currency fluctuations, inflation, standards of living, costs of living, duration of deployment, professional isolation, promotional pass-overs, local-hire wage rates, payment methods, healthcare and education economics, superannuation, supplemental holidays, etc; Staff members can be over rewarded, under rewarded, or mis-rewarded – at significant tangible and intangible costs to projects.
  • Without an International Employment Agreement/Contract or Appendix to an existing agreement, misinterpretations can occur as to terms & conditions resulting in legal issues, project disruption & considerable disharmony within the company & costly settlement of disputes.
  • Without adequate deployment policies: Staff can be delayed, distracted, or entirely prevented from working on projects due to visa/permit issues, personal household logistics, mis-accommodation, and other matters.
  • Without effective rotation policies: Projects can “go native”, staff can stagnate even when most suitable for promotion, and home office can remain ignorant of superior overseas technologies, methods, and systems.

For over 20 years Woburn International have guided more than 400 organisations in creating and refining their International Policies, with both immediate and on-going cost-benefits.

With the information we have compiled delivering those services, and that available to us through international surveys of practices, Woburn develops an effective International Policy with you, based on your own company’s overall strategic plans and philosophies.

Areas covered include:
  • Types of assignments.
  • Corporate philosophy and approach.
  • Intent of the policy.
  • Objectives and measures of the projects.
  • Staff (and family) selection including “expatriability testing”.
  • Special needs.
  • Preparation & planning.
  • Immigration: e.g. visas, work permits.
  • Overall remuneration including delivering of package, dual taxation impacts and strategies.
  • Allowances and Benefits.
  • Health and medical examinations.
  • Medical coverage on assignment.
  • Cross cultural training.
  • Superannuation normalisation and maintenance.
  • Travel for staff and any family.
  • Accommodation, host and home countries.
  • Transport of personal effects.
  • Settling-in assistance and ongoing support systems.
  • Education allowances if needed.
  • Holidays and leave – normal and supplemental.
  • Emergencies – leave and travel.
  • Expiration, extension, and/or rotation of assignments.
  • Termination or reclassification of project.
  • Repatriation strategies and supports.

To learn how Woburn International can save you time, money and effort, while reducing the risks of failure, through the development and refinement of your International Policy, simply

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