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Whether you are a Kiwi wanting to work overseas, or someone who wants to enter New Zealand to work, it is very important that you understand the pay package & cost of living differential:
  • You could be under-paid – and be distracted from your job with money, remuneration, balancing finances worries, feel disappointed with your employer, and be less likely to extend or renew your contract if asked to. This is more hurtful to you.
  • You could be over-paid – and not even know why there is “friction” (anger) between yourself and your colleagues (where you work and/or back in your home country), and also be at risk of a “let down” (disappointment) when and if you return to your home country. This is more hurtful to your employer.
  • You could be paid in a wrong way – and be taxed too much, or lose too much value in the transfer of your money.
Even employers who are trying hard to be very fair with you make these mistakes. What makes international remuneration (your pay package) so complicated?
  • The international money exchange rates can change during your job.
  • The inflation rate can change in your work country or home country.
  • One, two, or even three different countries may try to tax your pay.
  • The “standard of living” (like how large your house is and how nice your neighbourhood is) could be very different between your work country and your home country, and not what you expected.
  • The costs for your basic needs (like housing, food, electricity, fuel, etc.) could be very different between countries.
  • The cost of housing and food is very different if you are staying in a country for only a few days, for a few weeks, or for a few years.
  • You may personally be very interested and happy to go (or else very upset and hate to go) to a certain country. Payment can help change your mind.
  • You may lose chances for promotion, while temporarily away from “the head office”, even if you would be the best person for the promotion.
  • The things that are free or inexpensive in some countries (like education, health care, retirement income, and accident insurance) may be very expensive in another country.
  • and much more.
Woburn International:
  • Has analysed and recommended on more than 1700 different international remuneration (pay packages) over the past 20 years
  • Is the exclusive New Zealand representative of Airinc, the world’s trusted supplier of international remuneration data and analysis.

(Because it would be a “conflict of interest”) as long as your employer is not also a client of ours, then we:

  • Can give you access to constantly updated and detailed cost of living and similar important information, for more than 275 cities worldwide.
  • Can advise you how much you should be paid, and where and how to be paid – to minimise your tax and exchange losses, and to maximise your benefits.

Contact Woburn International now, to learn how we can help you be sure you are being paid “just right”.