Moving Internationally

Individuals and families going from one country to another, whether experienced or new to the adventure of relocation, face many risks:

Pros of living in New Zealand

Happy Family having relocated

  • Your apparently generous pay package turns out to be painfully low after complex taxes, cost-of-living adjustment , exchange rates, housing costs  etc. are considered.
  • Even with formal qualifications and a solid professional/technical work history, you face delays and rejections when applying for visas/permits and/or job applications.
  • If not handled correctly, you could end up “setting a bad precedent” with a government due to some subtle error with the first visa that you applied for.
  • After arriving in your new country, and to your new job, concentration from your job is diverted,  because of urgent personal distractions (e.g. finding a home and school, arranging utility connections, mastering the transport system, etc.)
  • You struggle with your personal and professional goals, unlike in your home country, due to
    subtle cultural differences with others, which you were not even aware of.
  • Even worse, you fail to recognise potentially dangerous/disastrous

Living in New Zealand Pros and Cons

Assisting you with your move

It’s no wonder that so many people are unsuccessful in their short-term, medium-term and life-long migrations to other countries, often at great financial, emotional and relationship costs to themselves and those they love.

Woburn International has helped over 6500 individuals, couples, and families to relocate internationally, over the past 21 years.

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Contact us to Live in New Zealand

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