New Zealand politicians are using migrants as a scapegoat

In early April, our own June Ranson talked about the information being released by New Zealand politicians. 


2017 sees New Zealand’s election year and migration has become a hot topic of debate in the beehive. June points to current statistics around migration, released by the NZ Initiative:

• 31% for work only – temporary stay
• 29% NZ & Australian citizens (New Zealanders returning home)
• 22% international students
• 12% residence – migrants here for the long term
• 5% visitor
• 1% other


From this data we can see that 2016 showed New Zealanders returning home as one of the main reasons people were coming into New Zealand.


MigrantionJune says, “Kiwis are being misled about migration in a political game that is all about winning votes through the propaganda fed to us.”


“One of the big myths being pedalled by politicians is that migration numbers are increasing and having a negative impact on housing shortages, house prices, infrastructure, job shortages and job competition.”



“All of this propaganda is painting a totally false picture of the situation. It is alarming the public and causing the current Government to react to show they are listening and competing in the ‘game’ to win the election.”


Read the full press release on Scoop. We support migrants every step of the way, so contact us today for help with your migration journey.