Your organisation’s international presence and/or foreign-sourced staff, whether experienced or new to the field, face risks:

  • Non-existent, inadequate or outdated international policies increase your firm’s chance of project failure.
  • The complex tax, cost-of-living, exchange rate and other factors of
    international remuneration can easily lead to over-payment or under-
    payment of expatriate staff, with major tangible and intangible costs to you.
  • Your critical vacancies can go unfilled, while pre-cleared and fully capable
    skilled migrants are available to quickly join your organisation.
  • Your major overseas projects can be delayed by individual visa and customs
    clearances, caused by a lack of local expertise.
  • Your key transferees can be distracted for weeks, with a variety of
    “personal settling in” issues after their arrival at the new destination.
  • Your market opportunities and production projects can be thoroughly sabotaged, due to subtle
    and undetected differences between cultures.
  • Your special or major international projects can fail, through a lack of prior experience with the
    myriad of complications that frequently arise.

It is no wonder that a 68% failure rate occurs in international efforts. Without specialist guidance and assistance, you are increasing those risks for your own organisation.

Woburn International can save you from these, and countless other pitfalls. We have over 19 years of experience, serving over 450 organisational clients in the public and private sectors, through the successful delivery of over 1500 service projects.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Woburn International can assist your company in many different aspects such as; Immigration documentation, personal settling in, employment policies, remuneration & cost of living analysis.

Whether global or domestic Woburn International’s wealth of experience will ensure a positive experience for both your company and your employee.

Woburn International has many partners and alliances nationally and internationally enabling us to assist many eligible and fully capable skilled migrants from around the globe who could be suitable to fill the critical vacancies in your organisation.

We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that potential issues & delays which may arise are managed and reduced by giving the correct information and advice at the start of the journey, whether domestic or international.

Cultural differences can have a major impact on your work environment; with Woburn International’s guidance and specialised training we can help you and your staff work effectively.

Woburn International specialise in remuneration. With our assistance we can ensure that there are no remuneration disadvantages for your company or your employee for both domestic and international transfers.

Woburn International pricing is tailored individually for each assignment. This is to provide you with the most flexible and cost-effective service possible. After we have discussed your particular needs in full, we can then quote a price to you.

Please contact us to discuss your organisations requirements further.