Relocation services

Whether your organisation brings staff into New Zealand, sends New Zealand staff overseas, or simply moves staff within New Zealand, there are risks in not ensuring their (and their family’s) relocation is done correctly:

  • Arriving staff coping on their own, can cost you; by being distracted from productive work for days and weeks in; studying the areas, searching for accommodation and schools, arranging utilities, negotiating and signing the legalities etc.
  • Departing staff without assistance, can cost you; by being distracted from productive work for days and weeks in; arranging removalists,(moving companies), packing and cleaning, retrieving bonds/deposits, signing the legalities etc.
  • Arriving staff coping on their own can buy/rent accommodation that is; overpriced for the market, far from the workplace (in terms of travel time),
poorly placed for transport alternatives, in less safe and/or healthy areas, bound by unreasonable legalities etc. These tangible and intangible problems will impact staff’s effectiveness at work.


  • The staff’s families, without adequate support and introduction, can; fail to integrate adequately into the local culture and develop increasing isolation and frustration. This can harm your staff member’s work effectiveness and ability to remain full-term (or extended-term).

In the past 20 years, Woburn International have assisted over 850 individuals and their families to quickly and effectively settle in to short-term accommodation, medium- and long-term homes, schools, transport systems and their communities. This results in a net cost saving to you, the employer.


Our nationwide team of trained and experienced Relocation Consultants have a thorough knowledge of their local areas, and of the needs of individuals/families on the move:


  • Studying the budgets, priorities and desires of your staff, we research and pre-screen the right accommodation; for fast and effective, yet pleasant selection. This is followed by rigorous tenant/buyer advocacy on your (or your staff’s) behalf, with a knowledge of the local laws and customs and then arranging (or supporting) utility connections and all other “settling in” needs.
  • We are aware of the critical need to find the right schools and our expertise assists parents in understanding the NZ education system and finding the most suitable school.
  • Working closely with cleaners, landlords/property managers, removalists , bond/deposit authorities, utility firms, etc. we fully arrange (or support) all of the “pre-departure” activities for outbound staff.
  • In addition to identifying “the right home”, we ensure it is in an optimal location (for business and personal criteria), is obtained at a fair and competitive price and is secured under favourable terms.
  • Knowing the needs and concerns of families and treating each family member with interest and care, we expertly support them in learning, exploring and adapting to their new community: Sports, recreation, hobbies, social groups, shopping, healthcare, culture and most importantly – the personal and emotional needs in times of adjustment.


Our assistance helps the new arrivals feel “at home” in the new location which is a prime focus at all times.

For outbound staff, we also have strategic partners in overseas countries of equal quality and competence.

Contact Woburn International now, to learn more on how we can save you money and time, by making your employees’ moves less stressful, risky, and time consuming.