Migrate to New Zealand

Whether you're an organisation, a family, or an individual, when it comes to crossing borders and cultures we can take care of all the challenges so you can focus on your goals.

Our wide range of services include Immigration - Investment in NZ, Residence, Work and Student Visa assistance, Relocation, Cultural Awareness and Cost of Living Differentials. No one goes further to help you than we do.

Immigration/Emigration - Organisations / Individuals
Global Relocation - Organisations / Individuals
International Remuneration - Organisations / Individuals
Cultural Awareness - Organisations / Individuals
Business Consultancy and Assignment Management - Organisations
Licensed Immigration Advisers

New Zealand Immigration Advisors

We are Licensed Immigration Advisers, licensed by the NZ Government to provide guidance and assistance to any person wishing to migrate to this country. Only consultants holding such a license are authorised in NZ to undertake immigration assignments.

June Ranson - License No. 200800674

Ann Nolan - License No. 200800645

Wiebe Herder - License No. 201100935

Meena Patel - License No. 201200726