Skilled Migrant

Do you want to live and work in New Zealand? Do you have any special skills? If yes, then Woburn may be able to help you with the New Zealand Government’s special Skilled Migrant Visa programme.
  • New Zealand has a need for skilled migrants and some organisations here are pre-approved by NZ Immigration to hire overseas migrants with the right skills.
  • We are able to provide a job assistance programme.
Job Assistance Program

    This covers:

  • Potential employers to contact
  • Coaching on interview skills
  • Industry issues for professions
  • Other resources available to help make the right decision
  • Woburn’s employer contacts include manufacturers, processors, mining companies, national and local government, importers, exporters, service companies and more.
  • In each case, we only deal with genuine companies, who truly want to hire people for actual jobs. New Zealand also has excellent “first world” labour laws, where your health, safety, and legal rights are protected.

We culturally prepare you by redesigning your curriculum vitae (CV), role playing interviews and giving guidance & assistance on dress codes etc.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority is an official part of the New Zealand Government. Every year, (and various professional registration boards – for those who belong to certain professions) the authority “recognises” thousands of people’s degrees, certificates and professional qualifications from overseas.

Maybe you qualify too? Did you complete a course of study at a university, college, technical institute, vocational school, or similar? Did you complete an apprenticeship for a certain skill like plumbing, building, electrical wiring, or similar? Does your type of work require a license, permit, or membership in a professional association? If yes, then you may qualify.

To learn how Woburn can help, simply telephone or email us. or complete our assessmentquestionnaire, and see if you are eligible for this special type of visa.