Skilled Migrant

If your New Zealand organisation is having difficulty recruiting qualified and experienced staff, we can save you time and money, while reducing the risks

  • Woburn has its own confidential database of hundreds of Skilled Migrants, ready, willing, and able to enter New Zealand and work for your organisation.
  • We work to match your needs with their qualifications and experience, and arrange for the further stages of the recruitment process.
  • Woburn’s pool of candidates has recently included doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, nurses, dentists, IT specialists etc.
  • In each case, we have pre-screened the individuals – for their qualifications, licensure (where relevant), health, criminal record and other migration-relevant issues. This saves you time, compared to “cold” recruiting from overseas.

Woburn International is not a recruitment agency. So, we are quite happy to work closely with your HR department, with your preferred recruitment supplier, and with recruitment firms keen to cultivate a pool of qualified and ready overseas candidates.

We provide this service in collaboration of undertaking the full immigration process.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority and our various professional registration boards recognise hundreds of formal degrees, certificates and professional qualifications from overseas.
Skilled Migrants contribute greatly to the variety and quality standards of New Zealand. At this time of critical skilled staff shortages, Skilled Migrants are filling a key need for the national economy.

Retaining the Skilled Migrant

We provide the support, training and guidance necessary to reduce the failure of retaining the skilled migrant.Qualified, certified skilled migrant.

68% of migrants either leave their New Zealand employer for a new position or return to their home country within the first 12 months. We have reduced this ratio over the past 5 years to 12% failure by providing assistance to employers

For further information on how Woburn can assist you,telephone or email us.