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Woburn International is a full active member of the British Trade Council, the American Chamber of Commerce, Business Network International, the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce.

We are a share holder and partner of Relo8 Asia Pacific a group of leading leading destination service providers throughout the Asia-Pacific region

We are also the official New Zealand representative for Berlitz International, Reloc8 and Mercer. We are also members of  ERC and EURA. In addition, we have formalised global networks and strategic alliances, where we share the finest data, systems, and specialists in over 190 countries around the world.

Note: We aim to help you obtain the most competitive relocation services. Our fees are fully disclosed, they are not hidden within (or subsidised by) other such costs (such as removalists/shipping fees).

The Moving Company operates its own fleet of purpose built furniture trucks and steel shipping containers, allowing complete flexibility in scheduling your move and meeting your preferred dates anywhere in New Zealand.Internationally there are several shipping options for your international move to accommodate time constraints and budgeting requirements. In addition, we have special pages for moving to Australia, The United Kingdom/Europe, South Africa, USA/Canada, Asia and moving to New Zealand